Today’s Mini-Epiphany: What Work Is Telling Me

thoughts of writingBefore I wandered downstairs to my office this morning (well, more like late morning or early afternoon), I had a little bit of an epiphany. About my work, yes.

See, I’ve been noticing something during this last round of deadlines. And it’s this: whenever I’m stuck working, you know, on the stuff that encourages the flow of money through this household, I suddenly find myself energized to do a lot of other things.

(Which explains, in a way, why my posts here have picked up a tad in frequency.)

This is a phenomenon that I’ve noticed before. Back when I was in university, I always thought it was strange that whenever I had an assignment due, or an upcoming exam, my apartment would become virtually spotless. Suddenly, doing the dishes promptly became very appealing. And one thing would lead to another, and before I knew it, the laundry would be done, the kitchen clean, meals pre-cooked and one time (and one time only) all the wood floors in my then-apartment were waxed.

Yes. I actually waxed my floors that one time. And as far as I can recall, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Which leads to my mini-epiphany. When I’m doing something I don’t really want to be doing, I’m actually telling myself something. Mainly, I am suddenly reminded of all the wonderful things there are for me to do all around me. Even housework is wonderful (well, that’s the outlook right now). But especially all the things I love to do, which I never get around to doing. Like writing. Or re-connecting with friends. Or blogging.

When I have some downtime from work, I find that I fall into a sort of de-energized complacency. I lounge around. I read somewhat desultorily. I wander around the house. I sometimes even get bored.

For some reason, I don’t tend to remember all those wonderful activities that I never fail to remember when I’m stuck here, slogging through yet another deadline.

So I’ve decided that it’s time I embrace this gift. Obviously, I’m creating this type of work to pay the bills for a variety of reasons, one of which is to remind me of all the fun things I love to do. And if I remember this, see it as a dialogue of sorts from the Universe, remember all these wonderful things I love to do even when I, well, have the time to actually do them, that’s one less reason I’ll have for creating work I don’t enjoy.

One more reason to move towards the creation of work I love. That pays the bills. And is fun.

I’m getting there.

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