The Big Draw – Day 10; Three Beautiful Things

Haven’t had a chance to post anything all day! I finished my deadline in time to dash out of here to pick up Hayley for her hair appointment. I got my nails done too while I was waiting, so that was extremely relaxing and now I have beautiful, short (I like my nails short, polish or no polish!) cranberry colored nails to type with!

Hayley got green highlights. We were hoping for lime green but unfortunately they were out of the yellow that was needed to mix with the green. But the green looks great in her dark hair.

Now for the Big Draw!

Dylan’s Day 10 Drawing

I came back from the spa to find Dylan had already completed the drawing he wanted to post for today:

Bridge. Crayola marker.
Bridge. Crayola marker.

Belle’s Day 10 Drawing

I tackled a face in pen, complete with shading. The shading didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. I might try dots next time instead of strokes.

Girl. Pen.
Girl. Pen.

Three Beautiful Things

I’m ready to slip into bed for an early night, and thought it would be lovely to end the night with Three Beautiful Things:

1. A great dinner that went beautifully with the new organic California cabernet sauvignon that’s our current favorite, followed by some wonderful after-dinner conversation. So relaxing, so wonderful.

2. Mother-daughter time at the spa, then shopping. Picking up Chinese snacks at the store. Talking in the car.

3. The satisfaction of a day that included work completed, fun, relaxation and lots of love.

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6 Comments on "The Big Draw – Day 10; Three Beautiful Things"

  1. Comment #1
    11/10/2008 at 3:34 am Permalink

    Wonderful. Each piece of this post is making me smile. Thanks for sharing a beautiful day!

  2. Comment #2
    Cindy Jones Lantier
    11/10/2008 at 7:15 am Permalink

    This post made me smile, too. Dylan’s picture is wonderful, as is Belle’s. It sounds like it was a perfect day. Mother-daughter time can be so nourishing. My own mother is 1300 miles away, and I have no children, so I really miss that …

  3. Comment #3
    11/10/2008 at 2:25 pm Permalink


    these are beautiful. You and Dylan are each improving and becoming more creative with each piece! I love Dylan’s bridge…the colors and perspective are wonderful!

    And your woman is fantastic…I can’t believe what you are able to accomplish with pen…I am so impressed!!!


  4. Comment #4
    11/10/2008 at 4:19 pm Permalink

    Dylan is quite talented. Did he copy this from something or did it come from his wonderful imagination? Children are so free.
    Your gal is lovely too.And your day sounded fun. Green hair! Cute. How old is she? And your nails too red and typing I can see it all.
    Off to babysit my grandkids for an entire day. Excited to have fun.

  5. Comment #5
    11/10/2008 at 10:21 pm Permalink

    Thanks, everyone. It feels so good to share all of this here.

    Cindy, my mother used to live across the country, in Vancouver, and boy did I miss her! I know exactly what you mean.

    Lynn, Dylan drew the bridge from his imagination. He doesn’t often draw from something, although he’s done it a few times since we started the Big Draw challenge. He likes to do things from his imagination most of the time.

    My daughter will be turning 15 the end of the year. I wanted to take a picture to post here but she said, no, because you won’t be able to get just my hair, you’ll get my face, too :)

  6. Comment #6
    Cris, Artist in Oregon
    11/10/2008 at 10:47 pm Permalink

    Dylan has a good imagination. wish I did. :) )
    Good drawing in ink too. Hard to do and shade without messing it up.
    hmm hare to get a pix without face in it. but I know what she means. I hate my picture being taken. So I am always behind the camera. lol

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