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The Sunday Salon: Another Book-Buying Binge

Yesterday, as part of my major procrastination plan, I got my husband to drop Dylan and I off at Chapters while he went and did the groceries. Having Dylan with me is supposed to stop me from plunging into another major book-buying binge, but what can I say? I’m very resourceful.
Plus the Thomas the [...]

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The Sunday Salon: On My Bedside Table

It’s not been a great week for reading – when this happens, it really astonishes me because there are times I can’t think of anything but reading. This week, though, I’ve been spending time getting through the 1001 magazines that we’re subscribed to (at least, that’s what it felt like!).
Magazine reading doesn’t actually count [...]

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Book-Buying Binge

I am scary when I go on a book-buying binge. It’s something that affects me seasonally; looking back on the past three or four years, it’s something that I tend to do twice a year: first, shortly into the new year, and then in the summer, around my birthday.
My explanation for the New Year buying [...]

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