sunsetIt feels like Friday to me. Well, maybe not Friday – more like “the end of the week”, whatever flavor that is. And most of all, I am feeling inspired and moved and very much in alignment.

This week, I have come full circle. Unexpectedly, but then again, I started off the week with the decision that I am open to the magical, to those sparks of spontaneity and synchronicity, to the beauty of uncertainty. And now, here I am. I find myself settled in a place that I had only touched on briefly before. Paths I had previously taken are now all open before me, beautifully merged into one.






It is the most incredible feeling. And making things even more gorgeous, I came across Karen’s post on her epiphany:

I need to just let the faces happen. I don’t have to be in charge.

I don’t have to be in charge.

Say it to yourself. “I don’t have to be in charge.”

Wow. That’s a biggie. All I have to do is pay attention to opening up to something bigger than myself.

As in art, so in life. If I needed a reminder, there it is. It’s Dreamwalking at its best.

And so I go to bed tonight, so inspired. I’m feeling this connection that’s just glorious – to my husband, who’s away at a seminar in New York, to my kids, each of them sleeping peacefully in their bed, and most of all, to the me I’m choosing to be. All of me: art, writing, life, love, being.

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3 Comments on "Inspired"

  1. Comment #1
    03/10/2008 at 9:39 am Permalink

    sigh, it’s taken me 60 years to get to this realisation,
    i do not have to be in charge!
    good one for inspiration.

  2. Comment #2
    Karen Smithey
    03/10/2008 at 4:01 pm Permalink

    Came here looking for your drawing and found myself, quoted, instead! I’m glad you liked that post. It was a huge turning point for me.

    Love your pictures of train layouts! My ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ boy is almost sixteen and a sophomore in high school, even though it seems (to me) that just yesterday he was completely absorbed by Gordon and James and the Troublesome Trucks. Good days. Enjoy them…

  3. Comment #3
    03/10/2008 at 8:40 pm Permalink

    soulbrush, I find it’s the remembering that’s the tricky part! But it’s been getting easier and easier lately.

    Thanks for coming by, Karen. Your epiphany was just beautiful, and I was so glad I found it last night!

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