In Bloom

It’s just a gorgeous day today – we’re supposed to hit a high of 27 degrees (Celsius). The sun is shining, and some of the spring bulbs are in full bloom.

Tulips in bloom

These are the tulips just off the back deck. They are always one of the first signs of spring around here.

I love my bulbs so much – always so reliable, and that beautiful splash of colour just when I need it, after a long and rather dreary winter.

These particular tulips don’t look like classic tulips. I can’t remember their name, but I loved them because of their gorgeous star shape.


We don’t have that many bulbs at the front of the house – we need to put in a new gate and walkway, so we haven’t devoted that much attention to the front the past few years. But these little beauties have been around for the past few weeks:


As have these:


I love my garden!

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