A Colorful Life

I went shopping with Hayley yesterday, to one of my favorite stores, Winners. There’s such a gorgeous element of surprise in shopping there; I’m never sure what I’ll find. It’s kind of like a treasure hunt, and I never fail to come home with at least one thing (and sometimes an armload of stuff).

I ended up buying three tops and three dresses for the summer. And I realized something when I got home and laid my newest buys on the bed: with the exception of one black top, my new clothes were a riot of color. Blues, magenta, pinks, greens, lilac. Just so beautiful. And so different.

That’s when I took a look at my wardrobe, a really close look. And I got a technicolor eyeful. When did this happen? When did I start embracing a more colorful life?

It wasn’t that long ago when black was my thing. And now look at me! Show me a cocktail dress in red and I’m far more likely to try it on than one in black. Not that black doesn’t appeal to me; the black top I bought yesterday took my breath away. But I’ve truly fallen in love with color.

And I’m really liking it. It’s another step closer to living a truly colorful life.

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