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When things go just so very smoothly …

This is along the lines of “not figuring things out”, something I have yet to perfect. I’ve noticed that when something that throws me for a loop happens, my first impulse is still to grab the problem solving hat and find that perfect solution.
But there have been some areas in my life where I’ve been [...]

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When you pick just the right book for your child

Sometimes you have one of those moments that give you such joy. Tonight was one of them. A while back when I was on my book buying binge, I ended up placing holds on several books at the library, mainly for books that I wanted to read to Dylan.
We read a few books every night, [...]

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Belle’s Movie Night

The other night I wasn’t feeling well – dizziness brought on, I’m sure, by the hours I spent playing soduko on my son’s Nintendo DS. You can’t blame me. I’d never played it before; had a block in my mind about it, actually. You know. When you think, “if everyone’s playing it, I’m not going [...]

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I think it’s sweet

Ward and I just spent the night uploading his cooking photos to Flickr and naming them ALL (thank goodness he’s organized and keeps track of what he cooks each day). I know it’s Friday night and all, but when you have kids, you can find those moments of togetherness just about anywhere, doing anything.

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Friday Night Thoughts and Links

Just some random thoughts and bits and pieces that have been floating around in my head this Friday evening:

It’s interesting how difficult it is to pick a book to read when you have stacks and stacks of unread, to-be-read books all around you.
Same goes for magazines.
After five years of an incomplete house, I am finally [...]

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Book-Buying Binge

I am scary when I go on a book-buying binge. It’s something that affects me seasonally; looking back on the past three or four years, it’s something that I tend to do twice a year: first, shortly into the new year, and then in the summer, around my birthday.
My explanation for the New Year buying [...]

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Changes! They’re what make life so interesting, and with that in mind – and because I feel like I’ve moved into a new phase in my life – I have decided to restart BelleEnchanted, from scratch. I’ve ditched all my old entries, for a fresh and wonderful new start (an easy thing to do, considering [...]

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